Mission Statement

The mission of Ayana Arts is to bring together a community of young professionals seeking to further cultivate their passion and experience in the South Asian arts. We aim to encourage fusion across all art forms, geographic regions, and styles with the shared goal of creating an innovative and unique performance. Ayana provides an enjoyable outlet for artists to collaborate, share and explore their talents. Above all, we will push the boundaries of traditional South Asian performing arts while remaining rooted in and honoring our South Asian culture and heritage. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we are committed to fostering philanthropic partnerships with local organizations catering to South Asian women and children right here in New York, is undoubtedly a recipe for success!

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Our History

Started from the bottom, now we here. Literally. Sonal Somaiya, Janan Dave, and Mariam Matin began organizing Ayana Arts from a basement in New Jersey in the summer of 2015. All of them were young professionals with a background in South Asian arts and were especially active in college. After undergrad, they were interested in pulling together talented people from their networks and around the city who shared the same experience and passion for the arts. Since its inception, Ayana Arts grew from three to fifteen to thirty artists.

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